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Spend a day with us

Come out to Strawberry Lakes and enjoy a day of soaring activities.  Learn about flight, lift, thermals, launching, and our organization.  Top it off by taking a flight with one of our highly qualified pilots and soar with the birds.  The $65.00 cost of the flight covers only the operational costs, the pilots time is offered as a free service.  We also have nicely printed Gift Certificates available that make the perfect Birthday or Anniversary present.









Instructional flight packs

To help give future pilots a better feel of what training will be like we came up with a specially priced instructional package.  You can go for 3 instruction flights ($150.00) and learn the basics of coordinated turns, instruments, and basic circuit planning. 











Total estimated cost to get a Private Pilot Licence - Glider

The cost of getting a glider pilots licence can vary depending on a number of factors.  Learning will always take place faster if the student is available regularly for lessons.  Keeping this in mind, here are some approximate costs for a typical adult student to complete the requirements for a Private Pilot Licence - Glider.
Instructional Training FREE
Club Fees and a membership $145.00
Rental of aircraft and tows $1980.00
Transport Canada Medical Exam. $260.00
Ground School $40.00
Total $2425.00












Annual Dues

The Regina Gliding and Soaring Club (RGSC) is a member of the Soaring Association of Canada (SAC).  As such, the Regina Gliding and Soaring Club collects dues for the Soaring Association of Canada.

Regina Gliding and Soaring Club Annual Membership Fees effectuve 2016:
Adult Full Year $80.00 $65.00 $145.00
Adult Half Year* $40.00 $65.00 $105.00
Youth Full Year $50.00 $65.00 $115.00
Youth Half Year* $25.00 $65.00 $90.00
Air Cadet $0.00 $65.00 $65.00
Tow Pilot (No glider flying) $80.00 $0.00 $80.00
Associate Membership (includes
Familiarization Flight)
n/a $65.00 $65.00
*SAC half year fees are only available for first time members. Half year memberships are available
starting August 1
**SAC membership is still required.









Aircraft Rental

After becoming a member you may rent the aircraft on any operational day as listed below.  Every month you will receive an invoice to be paid.  Aircraft rental is charged to the nearest minute.  Tow plane cost is timed from takeoff until it lands.
Tow Plane $2.50/minute  
Grob 103 $54.00/hour Advanced trainer