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The Regina Gliding and Soaring Club is located approximately 45 minutes drive East of Regina.  The red line of the map below shows the easiest way to get to our airfield from Regina.


  1. From Regina, travel EAST on hwy #1 to junction of HWY #48, just past White City.

  2. Turn SOUTH (right) on HWY #48. Travel through Davin and Vibank to junction of HWY #35.

  3. Turn NORTH (left) on HWY #35. Travel 7 km to an intersecting grid road. The intersection has a several red-roofed farm buildings to the WEST (left)

  4. Turn EAST (right) on the grid road and travel 5 Km to a dead end.

  5. Turn NORTH (left) and travel 500 m to a dirt road that goes EAST (right).

  6. Turn EAST (right) and follow the winding dirt road 3.5 Km to an intersecting grid road at the crest of a hill. You will see the hangar (a steel building with a curved roof) to the SOUTH (right). Turn SOUTH (right) and drive up to the hangar.



  Download the full instructions in pdf format here