Tow Pilots
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Instruction in flying gliders is provided by our volunteer instructors throughout the spring, summer, and fall. Our instructors will teach you how to safely fly the aircraft, as well as provide the necessary ground school to help you understand the environment in which we fly.

 In ground school, you will learn about such topics as basic aerodynamics, meteorology, air law, aviation safety, and navigation.  The department of Transport requires that you complete a written multiple choice examiniation to test your knowledge of these areas.  Ground school is provided once a year when there is demand.

As part of your flying training, you will learn how to safely fly the aircraft from take-off to landing.  You will be taught how to safely deal with a number of simulated emergencies.  When the weather is co-operative, you will learn the basics on how to extend the length of a soaring flight; techniques that, when practiced, can yield flights hours long.

For more information on obtaining instruction on gliding and soaring, please contact the Regina Gliding and Soaring Club.

Our current instructors include:

  • Darrin Bitter
  • Keith Bjorndahl
  • Orlan Dowdeswell
  • Jim Thompson