Tow Pilots
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Why would you want to?

Many reasons but the main reason is that your staff will love it and it costs you very little. 


What does it cost?

That is kind of up to you.  We are a non-profit organization and we charge on a per ride basis (see Gift Certificates under Rates).  We require that amount to cover our costs for the tow plane, insurance costs, upkeep, etc...  What we ask you as a company to do is subsidize your employees (or employees and families) of up to $20 a ride.  Most are subsidizing it $10 for employees.  We also ask that you cover the cost of the BBQ that evening (depending on the number of people, $80 to $250) which we will submit actual grocery receipts for to cover our costs.


How does payment work?

We submit a bill to you for the total amount of the rides and the grocery bill.  We can, if desired, also give a list of flights for the day.  You can then collect the amount you choose from each employee, depending on how much you are subsidizing them for.

What's in it for RGSC?

RGSC is looking for members to join the club and get their license so the sport of gliding can continue to grow. We are set up as a training facility as once you have had a ride we believe we can hook you on one of the safest, least expensive form of aviation so our club can continue to grow.

What are the limitations?

We are limited to 20 rides in a day.  The minimum age for corporate days is 12 and the maximum weight is 230lbs.  If you have requirements outside of these limits we may be able to accommodate your requirements on a case by case basis.  Please don't hesitate to call and ask.

Want more information?

Contact The Regina Gliding and Soaring Club and we will be happy to come up with a plan that will work for your company and the Gliding club.